Hospital during a pandemic.

So at the minute, I’m in hospital with my asthma. This isn’t uncommon and I do spend quite a lot of time in hospital. What was unusual this time however, was that I ended up being treated for covid-19. I spiked a temp on my first night admitted and with me presenting with shortness of breath (SOB), as a result, I was now a covid patient. .

As I wasn’t spiking a temperature in A&E, and was only presenting with the SOB, I was still being admitted to a side room, but at time of admission, we highly doubted I had corona. However they did put me onto a ward that was being used to treat covid patients which put the shit up me a bit. Luckily the staff on there were staff from my normal respiratory ward so they all knew me, which made things a lot better. Once I got to the ward and they did my obs, they found I’d spiked quite a high temperature. That only made me panic even more and I ended up needing lorazepam to calm down or I was going to end up having a full blown panic attack. I was absolutely terrified I’d caught covid and nothing anyone said to me was telling me otherwise. It was a bad night and I didn’t sleep much,

My chest consultant came to see me the next day and said if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d spiked a temperature, he was going to have been getting me home over this weekend. Right now the very worst place for someone like me to be is in a hospital where there’s many confirmed patients with corona. It’s also not good for my mental health as I can’t have any visitors or leave the ward. Not good. Although this time knowing the staff on A1 helped a lot because they would come in and out often to make sure I was ok and checking if I needed anything. Just the small things make the difference. But my temperature remained highish during that day and then spiked high again that evening. It was a scary time because I really didn’t believe I’d not caught the coronalurgy. My consultant said he wasn’t overly worried as I wasn’t showing any of the signs in my blood and I was a bit *too* well to not have covid, despite the fact I couldn’t breathe. At least i wasn’t displaying any of the other symptoms that’s associated with it, and at that time, although he was worried, he wasn’t overly worried. That helped a bit and I manage to sort of pull myself together a bit.

I stayed on A1 for 2 nights until the swabs I’d had done were negative. The first one they did in A&E was negative but there’s a lot of false negatives going around at the minute, but thankfully both my swabs were negative which pretty much certainly ruled out covid. Thank feck. So I got moved to a different ward to get me off that ward asap in case i did manage to catch covid. So at the moment, I’m on a totally different ward to which I’m used to. But I’m out in a bay, so I see people and talk to people. It’s so much better for my mental health and the staff are absolutely excellent. They recognise that I need quite a bit of reassurance at the minute and aren’t too busy all the time to sit down and talk to me.

I’m hopefully going home in the next few days if I don’t spike another temperature and my CRP doesn’t spike once they take me off IV antibiotics. I need to get home, I’ve got a Nintendo switch to play with!

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Vicky. I’m so sorry you are going through a bad time. Thinking of you and hope things will improve. Love, Kathleen.


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