Things I’d like to do when lockdown is over.

So we are now in day 49 of lockdown. During that time I’ve had 2 hospital admissions and left my house twice. Yea, I broke lockdown and went round to the shop. But I was going totally stir crazy and my brain was in a complete jumble. As much as I love Chris to pieces, I needed to get out of my house and see other people. So I gloved and masked up and went for a walk round the corner. Slightly further than the back garden which until then had been the limit of  my adventures. But I know many people haven’t even managed that, so I consider myself lucky to be able to get outside at all.

I’ve noticed a few people doing things like “5 things i’d like to do when lockdown is over” and what not, so I’m going to give them a go. If nothing else, it gives me something to do. I’ve a few plans for posts for the next few weeks that shows a little bit into my life and how I manage with chronic medical conditions and a few updates as to how my health is for all those people who actually find that stuff interesting. If anything it makes it easier to keep my family updated without having to tell the same story 3/4 times to different people.

So, without further ado, these are the 5 things I want to do when lockdown is over. Whenever that may be!


I’m getting very homesick. I was last home in February for a few days, which I know in the grand scale of things isn’t a long time, but with everything going on, I just want a hug from my mum.  Specially with the fact I’m not allowed to leave the house for anything really. Even my GP appointments are over the phone with me sending pictures via the internet. I’m just leaving the house as little as possible in order to reduce the chances of me being exposed to coronavirus. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back and getting to see my friends and family. I don’t have a lot of people back home that I try and keep in contact with, but when I am home I make every effort to go and see my friends and the family I have at home. Looking forward to seeing my mum, TJ and Nanny though. I’m very homesick!


I’ve been meaning to start driving lessons for a long time, I’ve just not gotten around to sorting it. I do agree it’s just complete laziness, because I do want to learn. To be honest, I’m absolutely terrified of other drivers on the road having spent so long as a passenger. But in order for me to be as independant as possible, I need to be able to drive. Being able to drive to uni in September would be a massive game changer for me. I’m also hemoragging money into my mini which is sitting out the front. When cookie was living her, she drove it. But now it’s costing me £50 a week odds out of my PIP so the sooner I can be making the most of having that there, the better it will be because I won’t be having to spend money on taxis all the time if I want to go somewhere.


I’m really looking forward to getting back to uni in September, if it happens that is. At the moment with lockdown, everything is up in the air and I’m not entirely sure whether or not we will actually be returning to university in physical form. I’ve not been into university in about 2 years because of my health conditions, but I’m finally ready to go back, and throw myself into something completely new. I’m doing a different course entirely because Biomedical Science, as much as I love the subject, was just killing me and I wasn’t keeping up with both my labs and assignments. Luckily the course I’m going into isn’t as physically demanding and I’m hoping it will be a bit easier for me to keep up because I should be able to do a lot more work from home, we will see!


It’s Chris’ 30th birthday in August and he was saying he wanted to go up to Edinburgh for the weekend because he’s never been and it’s a really nice city, but I doubt that we’re going to allowed to use public transport again by August, or the people “most vulnerable” will be allowed to anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they’re saying not to use it, doesn’t stop it being bloody irritating! I want to do something special for his 30th, but doubt it’s going to be possible. Who knows though when things are going to be stable enough to do anything normal again?!


Due to the covid-lurgy they’ve shut all the gyms and swimming pools and at the minute they’re looking at not reopening them until at least July, but that’ll probably be longer for people who are classed as “vulnerable”. I’ve put on a lot of weight in the past year and really want to be able to get back to the gym to at least try and get some of the weight off. At the minute though I’m really struggling with my back so it’s making it harder to even get outside to do some exercise, but I’ve been stretching it regularly and am going to try and set up some circuit training in my spare room. Every little helps, right? Watch this space!



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