So, Lockdown is over.

Back in May I wrote a blog about what I wanted to do when lockdown was over. Lockdown is now over, albeit with restrictions. Some of the things I mentioned in the blog about when lockdown was over, I’m now trying to achieve, so this blog is kind of my feelings about lockdown and the things I’m planning on doing.

I’m actually going back home on Friday (14th Aug) and I can’t wait. I’ve not been home since February and a lot has happened since then. I honestly can’t wait to go home. Although it’s been tough with coronavirus causing so many problems with travel restrictions, finally they’ve been relaxed enough that I can travel. I’ve got to fly into Belfast instead of Dublin because I’d have to quarantine for 2 weeks if I flew into Dublin, which just isn’t doable. But that’s just a small thing. But I get to go home with Chris which is fantastic. I get to meet his parents and my mum is meeting his parents. We’ve been going out now for about 10months so it’s about time our folks met! I’m nervous as anything about meeting his parents and spending time with them in Belfast. I’m going to be staying with him at his parents for a few days at the end of my trip. I always think relationships are solidified when you meet the parents. But anyway, I’m rambling a bit.


I’ve joined a gym near to were I live, but I’m going to leave going until after I get back from Ireland and the gym has been used to running in the new covid time. At the minute people are just getting used to dealing with the restrictions and way of thinking and acting, so when I get back they’ll have gotten used to dealing with covid life. That and I need to make sure my chest behaves between now and Ireland. If anything happens to me and I end up in hospital before I go to Ireland and have to cancel my trip, I won’t be happy. But both myself and Chris have joined so hopefully we can motivate each other. I’m looking forward to going though, I’ve put quite a bit of weight on so I need to get back to exercising. Bring it on and watch this space!

There’s still stuff I want to do. I want to start driving lessons, but I really need to send off my driving license application form. I’m terrible and haven’t done that yet. But I will get round to it. It’s on my to-do list, but to be fair, it’s been on my to-do list for about 6 months now. Oh well, it’ll happen when it happens.

We’ve had to put Edinburgh on the back burner for now, at least until the whole COVID thing buggers off. Public transport just isn’t the best idea at the minute. It’s still something we’re planning to do because obviously it’s going to be Chris’s birthday thing. But until COVID dies down, it just isn’t a good plan.

I’ve rambled on now for a bit, and i’ve run out of things to say, so until the next time!

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