About Me

28. Manchester. Student. Professional Procastinator

I’m Vicky. Who are you?

28. Manchester. Psychology and Counselling student (as of Sept 2020)

What I do.

Play with as many gadgets as I can get a hold of.

Talk rubbish about everything

Have breathing as a superpower.

Smile, Love, Laugh.

A bit of each?

Gadget fidgeter
Was playing Frogger on my first PC before I could write. Like reviewing things I buy and seeing if they can be incorporated into managing my health/life/uni life.

Talk rubbish about everything.
I’ll quite happily sit and put the world to rights for several hours. Generally boring everyone around me, but hey, it keeps me happy!

Got multiple health conditions. Trying to find ways to survive without letting them get in the way too much. Part of my thing is finding ways to make my gadgets work for me and incorporate them into my management of my health conditions.